My Short Game Test and Assessment 

Many Tour Pros and Top Amateurs have taken my Short Game Test as it is designed to pressure test and assess tournament players skill level for 16 short game techniques. Some of the techniques may be new to you and some may be already in your repertoire. You will hit 100 shots and be given a score based on distances to the hole. At the end of the assessment we will clearly see your weaknesses and strengths against the Tour Professionals scores and have some notes and time for upgrades on areas needing attention.

This session generally takes two hours.

Take My 100 Shot Short Game Test:

Current High Scores:

Gary Hallberg (Champions Tour)            63

Sun Young Yoo (L.P.G.A.)                               58

Christine Song {L.P.G.A.)                                58

Gordon Neale (U.S Junior Ryder Cup)    55