Geoff Murtha 30 Day Golf Challenge

I have a challenge for you.

However, please let me explain how I created this challenge and the guidelines.

Recently I set myself a goal to play golf every day, for 30 days straight.

My goal was to fast track my game to automatic again and get back to at least a scratch within those 30 days.

Having been busy coaching and creating a program since moving back to California from TPC Sawgrass. My game had gotten a little rusty and it was going to take some effort to break free of the rust. I needed a solid goal to regain some good practice habits and must admit that my first week back focusing on my own game after this long coaching stint was less than stellar, requiring that I remain patient and take what I got as far as scores.

Once I began to see the improvement from my new commitment it turned into a marathon, as I felt the urge to keep my run of days going and see how far I could go. The result was that finished up doing 101 days straight. The best results, however, came quickly into the Challenge.

The best performance was at the 30-day mark when I shot five under par 66 off the black tees at Dove Canyon. It almost felt like when I was playing Professional events in my 20s again. Well worth the effort and very encouraging. My body was still feeling limber and not yet sore from the dynamic repetition of the golf swing.

Therefor, 30 Days of preparation was the mark that I would now set aside to compete again.

Although I was regularly shooting decent scores after a couple of weeks, it seemed that around 60 days straight was the point of diminishing returns. As I had to find better ways to stretch and click my body back together after each day. My younger years of football, tennis, dirt biking and kickboxing had taken their toll. Add to those millions of shots in practice and play while competing. Thanks to a living room full of stretching and back care equipment I made the marathon and learnt a valuable lesson in peaking performance.  

This Challenge at least for myself showed the need for rest days after the 30-day mark. However, the first 30 days were very achievable with massive leaps in performance, and it was even fun. Of course, you should see your doc before you commence this challenge and if you do get any chronic aches or pains you may need to build up to it.

Through this I have gained a lot of respect for senior tour players still performing after 50. As playing golf everyday does require that the body withstands many dynamic repetitions. The challenge is long enough that we will learn something about our commitment, body and motivations.

We are all different however, I would strongly recommend keeping moving forward at least one day off per week for recovery after the initial 30. This may be more depending on age and activity levels. But the 30 days of commitment kick started the game back on track.


30 Day Golf Challenge Steps:

1) Grab a sheet of paper write down your average score for your last 5 rounds and todays date on a sheet of paper.

2) Write 1 through 30 on a sheet of paper so you can check off your days after completed

3) Leave yourself a little room to scribble a few notes of work to do, or best scores and you are ready to start!


The Criteria and guidelines of my 30-Day Challenge:

Minimum two hours per day practice or play.

You can do a makeup day (but you must do at least half an hour on the day before to keep days flowing) then add one and a half hours to your next day’s two hours.

E.g., You must do three and a half hours on the next day in that case

You can do 4 - 8 hours of practice on any disciplines needed each day however, additional hours do not carry over

There are no days off, for the first 30.

If you take the challenge, please let me know as I would love to hear your feedback and results.

Also, if have questions or need help I would love to hear from you.

Be About it!


Geoff Murtha

Australian P.G.A. Professional is the Director of The Specialized Golf Coaching Program