A Tribute to My Coach

Ben Doyle         07/14/1932 - 12/15/2014

Thank you, Ben,          

I told you as a young pro that I didn't just want to read that yellow book again, I wanted my coach to be Ben Doyle.

I'd heard about you as a 19-year-old pro in Australia and was seeking your knowledge not just Golf Machine, but your coaching insights, the human side of coaching.

Thank You for always being there when I called, shedding light on my 100s of coaching questions.

Your knowledge still forms the foundation of my coaching and combined with modern discoveries any growth I've experienced is an extension of what I learned from you.

You were always 100% GOLF

Over these last two decades you sent videos and notes to me, you were always on the phone or lesson tee when I needed help. 

I've been privileged to have coached at some fine places in this world. Sanctuary Cove Australia and TPC Sawgrass. I've coached alongside many of our industries best. However, you were without a doubt the finest human being, mentor and mechanical golf mind I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.

Your knowledge was based in science and physics. The Truth!

When I'd drive up to Carmel with a sheet full of questions to listen to your wisdom and teachings, you would look exhausted by the time I left, but never complained.

You edited my book with me two times before I published it for my students, never complained.

Last year when Priscilla and I visited you in San Francisco we took you to lunch.

It was raining when I mentioned that I was going out to play The Olympic Club.

You perked up and said "Oh, I'm going!"

The nurses objected, but they couldn't stop you.

You were going!  We got your wheelchair and your walker.

It took several minutes to get you and your walker from the cart to each tee box, you captured a shaky video of every swing.

Couldn't stop you!

From you I learned about the physics and geometry of the golf swing then, years later I finally got to know the man.

Every day I spent time with you I learned something. However, that day stands out as one of the most memorable days of my golf life.

I didn't realize at the time, that was most likely your last day spent out on a golf course, and my last round with you. Pioneer, mentor and friend.

Thank You Ben Doyle. I treasure my time spent with you.

Your spirit and pursuit for The Truth will live on in those of us you nurtured.

It was an honor to know you Ben Doyle.

Geoff Murtha

Australian P.G.A. Master Professional

Geoff Murtha with Ben Doyle
Geoff Murtha on the Range with Ben Doyle
Geoff Murtha with Ben Doyle in Carmel